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PBX Manager for Asterisk

PBX Manager for Asterisk The PBX Manager for Asterisk is a graphical management interface for Asterisk that allows to configure and manage it just like a conventional PBX, yet will not interfere with advanced voip customizations that you may want to implement. The software is installed in minutes on any Asterisk box and provides an easy to use web browser interface for all standard PBX functions of Asterisk. PBX Manager allows you to build a VoIP PBX with integration capabilities and features unheard of in conventional PBX systems. PBX Manager is the most non-intrusive professional grade Asterisk Web GUI on the market.

  • Easy installation
    Can be installed in minutes as a Webmin plugin on any Asterisk server with only Apache and PHP needed for operation. An SQL server is not required.
  • Multi language support
    User interface languages currently supported are English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, with orher languages in preparation.
  • No Linux or Asterisk knowledge needed for operation
    This is of ultimate importance, because administration of mission critical services such as voice and telephony should be manageable by regular staff and must not depend solely on one of the very few voip specialists.
  • Web Browser based frontend
    Works with Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other modern web browser. No plugins are required, such as ActiveX, Flash or Java, and no client software needs to be installed, making it an ideal solution for remote administration of Asterisk from mobile devices.
  • Supports standard PBX functions
    All standard telephone functions are contained ready to use, such as phone management, voicemail with email notification, music on hold, waiting queues, voice menu builder, voice prompt recording and management, trunk management (SIP, ISDN, IAX, ZAP, ENUM...), call routing, time based functions, conference rooms, call detail records with export function and much more.
  • Sample configuration included
    You may either use a preconfigured sample configuration for Asterisk that is easy to adapt to your needs or integrate it into an already existing Asterisk configuration. You may extend the included script repository with your own scripts if you need very special functions allowing complete control over the Asterisk command set.
  • Professional Voice prompts included (engl.)  Asterisk Voice Prompts
    The well known Asterisk voice prompts have been exclusively extended with professional recordings from Allison Smith ("The Voice of Asterisk").
  • Can be used for Asterisk installations of any size
    Allows bulk creation of phones and extensions. The non-intrusive design allows for easy integration even in complex Asterisk configurations, generation of custom scripts, configuration manamement and even access to the Asterisk CLI interface from the web frontend and authentification through Webmin user management. Integration into webmin allows complete web management of other Linux aspects besides Asterisk as well.
  • Multi Tenant capable  Multi-Tenant-Version
    There is a special Multi Tenant Version of PBX Manager available that allows multiple virtualized and separated PBXes to be emulated on the same Asterisk machine. This is ideal for small ISPs that want to offer VoIP and telephone management for theit customers while sharing the server hardware, or for customers that want to have virtually separated PBXes for indepenent departments within their organization.
  • Support and Documentation
    PBX Manager comes with an english language User- and Administration handbook in PDF-Format. End user support is available through our PBX Manager-Forum and via email.

With the combination of Asterisk and PBX Manager you can build a professional PBX that is manageable much like a conventional telephone system, but opens up a whole new world of advanced VoIP and integration features. Choosing a standard based VoIP solution makes you independent of proprietary telephone manufacturers, simplifies cabling and is a solid foundation for integration with existing business applications at a fraction of the cost of conventional PBX solutions.

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Outlook-Dialer für Asterisk

If you want to dial out from Microsoft Outlook via your Asterisk PBX, then our Outlook Dialer is the right tool to use. Here is a Sreenshot:

Asterisk Outlook Dialer

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Sample Menu: Routes

Sample Menu: Phones

Sample Menu: Call Detail Records
Call Detail Records

Sample Menu: Trunks

Sample Menu: Schedules


Online Demo (engl.)
User: demo, PW: insecure

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